Saturday, June 11, 2011

Intern! Fetch me the solution to my problems!

So I just started my first internship! It is my last class before graduating with my MLIS (yay!), and it has been very interesting so far. I feel like a grown-up with actual autonomy and responsibilities. By this, I mean "I could talk about the things I do and get taken seriously by people who wear suits." (Teaching, sadly, does not fulfill this requirement for some reason.) Also, I have my own desk with my name on it! :-D

Thus far, I have worked on creating a marketing strategy to publicize a historical photo archive, consolidating policies on digitization, and streamlining the communication process between several cooperating institutions. (This is just within the first two days, mind you.) Mostly this has involved seeing what is there already, thinking about ways to improve it, and doing research on approaches institutions in similar situations have used.

Librarians: doing way more than you think since the beginning of recorded history.

Interns: also pretty awesome.